Herbal Breast Enhancement
Herbal Breast Enlargement

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  Natural Breast Enlargement

What is Newbust?

Newbust is a combination of herbs that have been traditionally used for breast growth for women.


What are the Ingredients in Newbust?
Saw Palmetto, Dong Quai, Damiana, Foenugreek Seed, Blessed Thistle, Violet, Wild Yam, Fennel Seed, Althea Root, Hops.

Is Newbust safe?
The natural ingredients in Newbust have been used for centuries.  Many positive side effects have been reported by Newbust users after using this product.

How does NEWBUST work?
In females where the ovaries don't produce sufficient amounts of estrogen and progesterone under developed breasts can occur.  As females age, the ovaries slowly begin to produce less hormones, resulting in sagging smaller breasts.  The herbs in Newbust have been used for centuries to support hormones and promote larger more beautiful breasts in women.*

When will I notice a change in my breasts?
Thousands of Newbust users have shared their results with us.  Many report that the first visible change happens within weeks.  We are told that the full results of Newbust usually occur between three to nine months.

Are there any other effects?
Users of Newbust have reported the following: An increase in breast size; a revitalized sex drive; More beautiful hair and nails; Positive frame of mind; Feeling of improved fitness; Improved skin tone; Fewer PMS and menopausal symptoms; Relief from occasional vaginal dryness.* (All of the above things have been noted on a regular basis by our consumers, but we need to state that we have not done specific clinical studies on these benefits.)

How much change should I expect?
Women report naturally full and firm, beautiful breasts, with size increase up to one cup size or more.  This is usually reported from women who take Newbust for about 3 months.  Individual results range from "Pleasing" to "Amazing" and are not always the same.

I am menopausal. Can I use Newbust?
After menopause, the breakdown of glandular tissue accelerates, so this is an excellent time to take Newbust. From the reports we receive, it is very effective in aiding sagging breasts.

After I have achieved the look I want, will my breasts maintain this appearance, or do I have to keep taking the formula on a maintenance dose?
It is not necessary to continue taking the product.  However many women take a small maintenance dose of 2 capsules a day, for the hormonal supporting benefits, and to counter the effects of gravity and the ageing of breasts over time.*

Should Newbust be used during pregnancy?
Newbust should not be used when nursing or if pregnant.

Should Newbust be used with other medications?
We have never been contacted by anyone who has had a drug interaction with Newbust, including women who are taking birth control pills. However, it is always important that you tell your doctor what supplements you're taking when you are using drug medications of any kind.

I have nursed 3 children, and it seems my breasts have disappeared?  Will the formula help?
Post-nursing mothers have reported excellent results from the formula, filling out and firming the breasts following birth and nursing.

How long will it take to get my product after I order?
All orders are processed within one business day. Allow 7 to 14 additional business days to arrive.

What sorts of standards are maintained during production?
Newbust is manufactured in a FDA certified facility.

Is Newbust shipped in plain packaging?
Yes. There is no indication on the outside of the package to indicate what is on the inside!

Natural Breast Enhancement

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Natural Breast Enhancement

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